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Mr. & Mrs. MaJos

Mr. & Mrs. MaJos

Literalmente, la boda de Marcela y Jonás, se celebró entre las olas del mediterráneo. Desde que les conocimos, Marcela tenía claro que se iban a casar frente el mar. Lo consiguió con excelencia en el balcón del Castell Tamarit en Costa Dorada. Mirando al mar, acompañados por sus 8 testigos y 80 invitados, dos enamorados se prometieron amor eterno. Parece una boda de sueño, pero pasó de verdad!

Elopement in Barcelona

Elopement in Barcelona

“Yes, I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain
I’m not much into health food, I am into Champagne
I’ve got to meet you by tomorrow noon, and cut through all this red tape
At a bar called O’Malley’s, where we’ll plan our escape”

Escape by Rupert Holmes

This beautiful couple came all the way from Illinois to celebrate their elopement in the heart of Barcelona. Their intimate ceremony took place in a secluded park known to locals as Laberinto de Horta. This green paradise is located 15 minutes drive from Barcelona´s old city center and if you visit it before noon, you can hope to have most of it to yourself.

The park with its mystic and dreamlike atmosphere was a great location for the bride and groom to exchange their private vows. After the ceremony, the newlyweds opened a bottle of Champagne and it was time for the rest of their Barcelona adventure. The main attraction of the park- an authentic labyrinth garden- provided an ideal scenery for a warm up photo shoot.

Angela and Joshua felt like celebrating their marriage in the streets of Barcelona, so we quickly visited the nearby Park Güell for a few epic Barcelona shots. Then we moved on to the Gothic Quarter, where we joined locals and tourists in a busy urban environment. We took photos while we walked the streets of a beautiful central neighborhood called El Born. Eventually, we stopped for a quick snack and a refreshing beer in La Boqueria, the central food market of the Rambla.

Eloping is a perfect way to explore Barcelona. If this sounds tempting, do not hesitate and  ¨plan your escape”!

“Wow the photos are amazing, thank you so so much Andreu! We want to relive that day over and over again and with these photos we basically can. Enjoyed spending the day with you all and celebrating. “

Angela & Joshua, USA

This Elopement was organised by Love Gracefully

Smile!!! It is not going to rain all day

Smile!!! It is not going to rain all day

Spring weddings in Spain are beautiful and May is definitely the best month to get married here. It is already warm enough to stay outdoor till late hours and, most importantly, it is still not that hot, to risk a fatal body overheating at noon*.

The reason why May is not as popular among destination wedding planners, as other summer months, is that it is likely to rain here. Nevertheless, if you consider yourself a relatively lucky person, you should not be discouraged by the statistics.

Anna and Matthias weren’t. They picked May and it rained!

But they are still a very lucky couple. Despite the rain, their wedding day was just perfect. They put themselves in the hands of great professionals. Blanc Trencat (ww.blanctrencat.com), a fantastic team of wedding planners and decorators from El Mariner (www.elmariner.com) made sure that the look of the place was not compromised when they moved furniture in and out with an impressive enthusiasm. During the cocktail reception, chefs from Can Jepet(www.canjepet.cat) grilled fresh prawns under a provisional roof and finger food was served inside and outside. With all the love and positive emotions in the air, nobody worried about the rain.

It is essential to remember that rain cannot ruin the day, if you are determined to have a good time. At the most, it may impose some strategic adjustments and this is why you should always have a team of positive and willing professionals at your side.

From the photographic point of view, umbrellas are fun too! They add dynamics to the photos.


*applies only if you wear a three piece wedding suit

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