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Destination – Sitges!

Destination – Sitges!

Inspirational and sincere! We loved every second of it!
Danny and Jack traveled a long way together to finally celebrated their love here in Sitges, surrounded by the most incredible crowd of friends and family!

Thank you both, for making us part of it!

Ann & Ian-El Cortijo del Marqués, Granada

Ann & Ian-El Cortijo del Marqués, Granada

This fantastic Irish wedding took place in the very heart of Andalucía El Cortijo del Marqués, a refurbished country house located 30km from Granada and surrounded by endless fields and olive tree plantations.

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Lagrimas de felicidad

Lagrimas de felicidad


Como fotógrafos de bodas, siempre estamos en búsqueda de una autentica emoción. No hay mejor oportunidad de encontrarla, que en un casamiento.

Felicidad, nostalgia, sensación de pertenencia, orgullo son entre otros, los sentimientos que acompañan a los novios, sus familiares y amigos durante el día.

De nuestro punto de vista, cada emoción es bella. Su manifestación en las caras de la gente es algo que fascina y dice mucho más, que podrían decir las palabras.


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Empieza el espectáculo!

Empieza el espectáculo!

La preparación del novio y la preparación de la novia son dos mundos completamente distintos. Algo que cada uno tiene que hacer solo antes de encontrarse en el altar.

preparaciójn chico (1 of 1) copy

Andreu Doz Photography 0247

Cada hombre lo lleva a su manera, pero una cosa no cambia nunca. Siempre hay electricidad en el aire, casi como en el vestuario del teatro, donde el protagonista se pone el maquillaje antes de estrenar la obra.

Andreu Doz Photography 0258

Andreu Doz Photography 0282

Este día no hay tiempo para improvisación. El papel es: ponerse el traje, la mejor apariencia y esperar…

Andreu Doz Photography 0317

Andreu Doz Photography 0276

Andreu Doz Photography 0064

Lo mas importante es, que en este día, ningún novio tendrá que estar solo! Le rodearán caras familiares y mucha alegría. Recibirá el mejor apoyo y una fuerte inyección de coraje de sus amigos.

Georgina & Marc - Ceremonia 001 copy

Isa & Raul - Ceremonia082

carlota (42 of 116)

Andreu Doz Photography 0164

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Art & Weddings

Art & Weddings

Since I first discovered street photography I started asking myself where the limits lie between artistic photography and documental photography. Now that my professional work is inseparably connected with documenting people and their important life moments, I think about it even more.

Can we, as wedding photographers, also identify as artists?

Or is it our duty to honestly show the reality and withdraw ourselves from interpretation and judgment? Is it even possible to separate those two processes?

And finally, how big our role as chroniclers is in writing collective memory for our society?

I have picked some of my photographs that may or may not be considered wedding photography. I hope this to become an invitation to a broader discussion.  

Tuscany – Destination Wedding

Tuscany – Destination Wedding

I met Florin Stefan (https://florinstefan.ro/) for the second time at the Fearless Conference 2019 in Aachen (https://www.fearlessphotographers.com/). The conference is always a pleasant opportunity to reunite with friends from all over the world and share our photographic experiences with each other.

With Florin, we talked about our plans for 2019. He told me he was traveling to Italy in May to photograph a wedding in Tuscany. Naturally, I immediately offered to come along as a second photographer and he quickly agreed.

So there we were in Tuscany, pouring rain under the cloudy sky. But this didn’t affect anyone’s attitude or mood. That´s one of the things I love most about destination weddings. Everyone is there on holiday but on top of that, they have the opportunity to enjoy a wedding with family and friends in a completely different surrounding to what they would typically experience.

The bride and groom gathered together a good mix of friends from back home and from all over the world. They being Romanians based in The Netherlands, were drawn to this romantic Italian location.

From the very beginning everyone made me feel very welcome and part of the team. One of the best things about being the second shooter at a wedding is that you have less of the pressures that comes with being the main photographer. You are there to help in any way you can, but you can enjoy the fun of photographing, almost as if doing it for pleasure. You can find angles, perspectives and moments that otherwise, being the main photographer; you wouldn´t always have the time and the patience to spot.

The weather forecast wasn´t very optimistic, but that didn´t stop the bride and groom having an outdoor wedding. It was an orthodox ceremony and I loved it. It is always very interesting to see different kinds of religious celebrations rather than the ones we are used to.  It´s a privilege to observe and learn from different cultures and traditions by being a spectator on such an important day of peoples lives and also having the luxury to capture it on film.

By the time we were ready for the cocktail, Florin had already ordered the clouds to clear (there is nothing he cannot achieve) and we enjoyed the last rays of sunshine before dinner. By the end everyone was ready to party, commemorating these amazing few days in Tuscany.

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