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Smile!!! It is not going to rain all day

Smile!!! It is not going to rain all day

Spring weddings in Spain are beautiful and May is definitely the best month to get married here. It is already warm enough to stay outdoor till late hours and, most importantly, it is still not that hot, to risk a fatal body overheating at noon*.

The reason why May is not as popular among destination wedding planners, as other summer months, is that it is likely to rain here. Nevertheless, if you consider yourself a relatively lucky person, you should not be discouraged by the statistics.

Anna and Matthias weren’t. They picked May and it rained!

But they are still a very lucky couple. Despite the rain, their wedding day was just perfect. They put themselves in the hands of great professionals. Blanc Trencat (ww.blanctrencat.com), a fantastic team of wedding planners and decorators from El Mariner (www.elmariner.com) made sure that the look of the place was not compromised when they moved furniture in and out with an impressive enthusiasm. During the cocktail reception, chefs from Can Jepet(www.canjepet.cat) grilled fresh prawns under a provisional roof and finger food was served inside and outside. With all the love and positive emotions in the air, nobody worried about the rain.

It is essential to remember that rain cannot ruin the day, if you are determined to have a good time. At the most, it may impose some strategic adjustments and this is why you should always have a team of positive and willing professionals at your side.

From the photographic point of view, umbrellas are fun too! They add dynamics to the photos.


*applies only if you wear a three piece wedding suit

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Ann & Ian-El Cortijo del Marqués, Granada

Ann & Ian-El Cortijo del Marqués, Granada

This fantastic Irish wedding took place in the very heart of Andalucía El Cortijo del Marqués, a refurbished country house located 30km from Granada and surrounded by endless fields and olive tree plantations.

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Empieza el espectáculo!

Empieza el espectáculo!

La preparación del novio y la preparación de la novia son dos mundos completamente distintos. Algo que cada uno tiene que hacer solo antes de encontrarse en el altar.

preparaciójn chico (1 of 1) copy

Andreu Doz Photography 0247

Cada hombre lo lleva a su manera, pero una cosa no cambia nunca. Siempre hay electricidad en el aire, casi como en el vestuario del teatro, donde el protagonista se pone el maquillaje antes de estrenar la obra.

Andreu Doz Photography 0258

Andreu Doz Photography 0282

Este día no hay tiempo para improvisación. El papel es: ponerse el traje, la mejor apariencia y esperar…

Andreu Doz Photography 0317

Andreu Doz Photography 0276

Andreu Doz Photography 0064

Lo mas importante es, que en este día, ningún novio tendrá que estar solo! Le rodearán caras familiares y mucha alegría. Recibirá el mejor apoyo y una fuerte inyección de coraje de sus amigos.

Georgina & Marc - Ceremonia 001 copy

Isa & Raul - Ceremonia082

carlota (42 of 116)

Andreu Doz Photography 0164

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